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Post  Web Administrator on Wed Mar 05, 2008 3:01 pm



1.1 Purpose.This procedure provides safety guidelines to all employee of A.H. Mancilla Construction compliance with applicable Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy and Philippine Government Rules and Regulations.

1.2 Scope.This procedure aims to maintain health, safety and environmental awareness and to promote accident prevention and foster compliance with all the applicable EHS laws and regulations of the Philippines among fellow contractors.


2.1 AHMC Project in Charge insures that this policy is implemented.

2.2 Environmental, Health and Safety Section.

2.2.1 Brief employees on AHMC Environmental, Health and Safety
(EHS) policies and procedures.

2.2.2 Answers questions pertaining to EHS issues and concerns.

2.2.3 Ensures that the provisions of this policy are clearly understood by the employees prior to commencement of any work.

2.3 Project In- Charge

2.3.1 Must see to it that all contractors prior to start of their project activities shall have undergone safety briefings by EHS section.


3.1.1 Security Implementation All employees shall be subjected to thorough inspection before being allowed to their workplace. Employees under the influence of liquor shall not be allowed to enter. All employees shall wear standard work clothes.

3.1.2 Project Implementation All work shall be supervised by a properly trained leadman or supervisor.

3.1.3 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Project In Charge shall be responsible for ensuring all employees are properly trained in the use of Personal Protective Equipment necessary for their job. The Project In Charge shall provide all the necessary PPE. This includes but is not limited to: respiratory protection, safety eyewear, safety shoes, hard hats and hearing protection. Suitable eye and body protective equipment shall be used when doing cutting, welding, chipping and grinding. Any person required passing or working where there is danger of being struck by falling objects/materials shall wear safety helmet. Suitable hand protection shall be provided when handling chemicals or hot objects or surfaces. Suitable boots shall be provided when working in water, wet surfaces, wet concrete or when handling chemicals. Full body harness and lifelines shall be provided when the work is performed at elevated levels requiring protection. Sufficient and suitable anchorage shall be provided when using fall arresting equipment.

3.1.4 Overhead Hazards Overhead cover/protection shall be required in areas where people are required to work or pass. Where persons are not allowed to work/pass, the area shall be cordoned or guarded to avoid inadvertent entry. Appropriate warning signs shall be posted around the exposed area. Building under repair/construction shall be provided with well-defined access with adequate overhead protective cover for person leaving or entering the building.

3.1.5 Falling and Tripping Hazards Every opening into or through which a person may fall shall be guarded with an effective barrier to prevent fall except where free access is required by the work in progress. All passageways, platform and other working surfaces shall be kept free from dirt, debris, oil, grease and from any other obstruction or object that may cause tripping or slippery footing. Any sharp object / protrusion that could cut any person shall also be removed or made safe.

3.1.6 Health Hazards Dust and gases shall be controlled by ventilation to prevent the build up of harmful airborne contaminants. Appropriate PPE such as respirators, shall be used in areas where required.

3.1.7 Electrical Hazards All portable electrical equipment or tools used shall be Underwriter Laboratories (UL) listed or equivalent and adequately earthen. Electrical supplies shall be connected only with the approval of the Project Engineer. A tag stating the name of the person connecting the supply, the purpose and the equipment it serves shall be attached. In cases of electric or welding machines, provide circuit breakers and enclosures. It shall be connected to any power source through the issuance of hot work permit. Electrical plugs shall be used when using any convenience outlets (CO). Inserting wires into CO shall be strictly prohibited. At points where conductors are joined, branched or led into apparatus, connections shall be provided with junction/splicing box, properly and durably insulated. No person shall work near a conductor or installation until it has been de-energized. All wires shall be treated as live wires until tested or otherwise proven to be de-energized. No wiring shall be laid down on floors unless it is unavoidable and necessary. Wiring should be weatherproof type and provided with mechanical/physical protection capable to withstand wear and abuse and maintained in good and safe working conditions.

3.1.8 Housekeeping Housekeeping shall be strictly monitored at all project sites. All materials, tools and equipment shall be kept at a specific area provided. Materials, tools and equipment shall be stored in a safe, stable position to prevent them from rolling or falling. Proper housekeeping in the work/project site shall be observed during the work/project duration. Tripping shall be prevented by securing cords and hoses placed across walkways. Excess materials, rubbish, debris and other construction equipment shall be removed from the work or project site at the end of working day. Access routes to and from work sites shall be kept free and clear of obstruction.

3.1.9 Mechanical Handling. All portable power-driven hand operated tools or those that are required to be mounted on worktables shall be provided with guard/cover on the point of operation to prevent the operator or other persons from coming into contact with the moving parts.

3.1.10 Confined Space Entries. All entrants to confined spaces must be fully trained. Confined spaces include vessels and spaces such as underground manholes, elevator pits, boilers, trenches, etc. A standby person is required.

3.1.11 Excavations, Earth Moving. This includes excavation in earth, roads, parking lots or slab floors. Excavations or trenches shall be completely barricaded on all open sides. Warning lights shall be required at night.

3.1.12 Pipeline Connections. This includes work involving connecting to existing piping system such as sewers, utility or laboratory service piping.


4.1 Ask Question. Before starting any job, shall get and understand instructions from the supervisor.

4.2 Proper Attire. For safety purposes, wearing loose clothing, ring and other jewelry around machinery shall not be allowed. Clothing shall be appropriate for an industrial site. Sandals, slippers, sleeveless shirts and any clothing with offensive pictures or wordings shall be prohibited.

4.3 Prohibited Items. Weapons, liquor, drugs, pets and pornographic materials shall not be permitted within work premises at any time. “Weapons” including firearms, chemical defense sprays, and knives which are not required for the job.

4.4 Personal Conduct. Horseplay, practical jokes, harassment and conduct, which create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment, shall not be tolerated.

4.5 Project Boundaries. Employees shall confine work activity only in those areas described in the project scope and documents.


5.1 Asbestos. The use of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) shall be strictly prohibited.

5.2 Material Safety Data Sheet. Before starting any project, the Project Engineer shall inform the employees the hazardous materials that may be found in the work area and shall provide all the necessary information including the copy of MSDS.

5.3 Contaminated Equipment and Waste Materials. All contaminated equipment and waste materials shall be disposed of according to Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) regulations and applicable local laws.

5.4 Chemical Handling. Employees shall strictly follow chemical handling procedures to prevent release of any chemicals into the environment, including the soil, sewer system and the air.

5.5 Compressed Gases. Cylinders of compressed gases shall be secured in an upright position. Compressed gases shall be stored in a well-ventilated area. When not in use, securely tighten the valve protection caps in placed of the cylinder.


6.1 Non-Hazardous Waste. AHMC shall arrange for off-site disposal of non-hazardous waste created during the project. Materials shall be disposed of in approved landfills.

6.2 Hazardous Waste. All hazardous waste generated at the job site shall be properly labeled and stored. In accordance with the local requirement, it shall be dispose of all hazardous waste generated on-site.


7.1 Trenches, five feet (1.52 meters) or deeper, shall be shored or sloped as specified in regulatory requirement. An adequate means of exit shall be provided.

7.2 Location of underground shall be determined before excavating. Shoring suspension shall support utilities exposed by excavation.


8.1 Barricades and warning signs shall be required around excavations, holes or opening on floors, roofs, elevated platforms around overhead work, and work area necessary to warn and protect people from falling or tripping hazards.


9.1 Hand and Power Tools. All tools shall be maintained in good condition.

9.2 Ladders. Proper type of and height of ladder for the job shall be used. The ladder shall be inspected of any defects or damage before use. Defective or damaged ladder from service shall be immediately removed.

9.3 Scaffolds. Footing or anchorage for scaffolds shall be round, rigid and capable of carrying the maximum intended load.

NOTE: Do not use unstable objects (such as concrete blocks) to support scaffolds or planks. Planking shall be free of knots and cracks and shall cover the entire work platform. Immediately repair or replace any part of the scaffold that is weakened or damaged. Guardrails or toeboards may be required depending on the height of the scaffold.


10.1 The following penalties shall apply in case of non-compliance.
10.2 Offenses:
1st Offense Written warning
2nd Offense Written warning with penalty depending upon
the severity of the offense committed.
3rd Offense Termination of employment.
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